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Vierzon Vierzon is a medium sized city on the Cher river, about 80km or so south of Orelans. it is a major rail junction and at the first glance it does not look like there is much to see here. Especially not no a Sunday afternoon, when everything is closed. Wikipedia page for Vierzon has …

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Limoges to Paris

Limoges The weather turned rainy overnight and the morning was grey and foggy. We decided that Limoges can be visited another time, with allowance for visit to the porcelain museum. After a quick breakfast we headed back to the autoroute and  proceeded with our drive to Paris.  Along the way the skies cleared and the …

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Carcassonne to Limoges

The Plan We need to get from Carcassonne to Paris by evening of 6 October. Its a dive of about 800 km, but the road is littered with things we might wish to see, so we will do it in tow stages: Carcassonne to Limoges on te 5th, and Limoges to Paris on the 6th …

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Carcassonne : The Cathar Country

Carcassonne The site of the current medieval city has been inhabited and fortified since at least 100BC or so. Since that time it was occupied by Romans, Visigoths, (most famously) the Cathars, and after a crusade,  since 1247 – the kings of France. Unfortunately it was raining so we are unable to give you pretty …

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Avignion – A brief visit

Avigion Avignon if the city of the Popes and of the Anti-popes. Need more time to explore this and do the palace of the popes full justice. In the meantime here are some sights from the city of Avignon: Some sights of Avignon: Le Chien du Avigion A very well behaved and polite dog in …

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Vienne – A nice little surprise

Vienne Hotel – B&B Au Bois de Massier Today we woke up in a lovely B&B called Au Bois de Massier, in the hills above the little town of Vienne.  The  hotel deserves a separate write-up, so stay tuned for that. Ville de Vienne Our hosts tols us that city of Vienne has the 3rd …

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Transit Day: Thira – Athens – Geneva – Gex

Transit Day Today, we will be in transit – flying from Thira to Geneva via Athens, and then driving to stay with some friends of ours in Gex. More details coming soon.

Paris – Day 6 – Chateau de Versailles and the palace gardens

Morning Sleep in. Go for a walk and look in local stores. Afternoon – A trip to Chateau de Versailles. Versailles, built 12 miles from Paris, was the residence of Kin Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. The first phase of building works took place between 1664 and 1710. Each king the enlarged, enhanced …

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Paris – Day 5 – Expedition by metro and on foot

Sunny again. This means we made another walking tour of Paris: A quick trip by metro to Hotel de Ville and then a nice tour of Ille-de-Cite, including the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, and a visit to the Latin quarter on the left bank of the Siene. We has some lunch in Latin Quarter. …

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A rainy day in Paris.

Rainy day in Paris A very good day to sleep in, organise a little. In the evening, a get together with Bart, the cruise manager and listen to the initial briefing.