Carcassonne to Limoges

The Plan

We need to get from Carcassonne to Paris by evening of 6 October. Its a dive of about 800 km, but the road is littered with things we might wish to see, so we will do it in tow stages:

  • Carcassonne to Limoges on te 5th, and
  • Limoges to Paris on the 6th


As we were departing Carcassonne, the rain cleared up and we managed to get a  bit of opportunity to take more photos:


Panorama of La Cite from the Aude rive valley



Having left Carcassonne we drove on secondary roads towards Castlenaundry and Tuluse. The road wound itself through countryside littered with small villages and a lot of it is covered in sunflower fields.


Sunflower Field

The Drive

After a stop for lunch in a small village called Bram, which also happens to be one of the 50 or so “circulade” villages we go into the autoroute towards Limoges and Paris


Limoges greeted us with drizzle and cold wind.  Here we stop for the night and consider what we will do next.

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