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January adventure starts here

Start of another trip. Stay tune for updates.


Fiesta at Andahuaylillas

Location Andahuaylillas is a town about 45km South of Cusco, on the Cusco-Puna road What is here The church in Andahuaylillas is dedicated to San Perdo Apostole (Saint Peter the Apostle) is the main attraction of the town. The church in Andahuaylillas is a prime example of “Adean Baroque”, and is nicknamed “the Sistine Chapel …

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Pikillacta ruins


Location Pikillacta site is Located near the village of Huacarpay, overlooking Laguna de Huacarpay. The archaeological site is located about 30 km East and South of Cusco, along Cuso-Puna road. What is here Pikillacta is one of many archaeological sites located in the “Southern Cusco Valley”. What makes this site significant is that the Pikillacta …

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Tipon terraces

Location Tipon is a a set of terraces locates about 30km South-west of Cusco, along the Cusco-Puna road. What is here This complex is an Inca site. What is important about this site, is that part form stunning terraces, there is also a largely intact and working Inca irrigation system that captures the water the …

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Maras Salt Ponds

Maras Salt Ponds

Location Maras salt ponds or mines are located 40 kilometers north of Cusco, in Peru. What is it Since pre-Inca times, salt has been obtained in the Maras area by evaporating salty water from a local subterranean stream. The highly salty water emerges at a spring, a natural outlet of the underground stream. The flow …

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Moray terraces

Inca Terraces at Moray

This site is located near the town or Maras, and it is a “must see” as far as Inca archeological sites go. Here there are a number of large circular terraces, deepest of which is approximately 30 meters or so. The purpose of these depressions is uncertain, but their depth, design, and orientation with respect …

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Rest Day in Cusco

Rest Day Today was a slow and restful day in Cusco. We slept in a bit and then wandered around in search of cool things to inflict on various people.

Seminario ceramic arts studio and workshop

Pablo Seminario

Second stop of today was the ceramic workshop and studios established and run by Pablo Seminario and his wife Marilú Behar. The Seminario studios are located in the town of Urumbamba, in the Sacred Valley. The centre is dedicated to research and experimentation with the ceramic arts and techniques of the pre-Columbian cultures of Peru. …

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Chinchero textile centre

Balcon del Inca textile workshop

First stop of the day today was the “Balcon del Inca” in Chichero. Balcon del Inca is a traditional crafts centre specialising in traditional textile manufacure using llama, alpaca and sheep wool and natural dyes, used in this region since the pre-Inca times. This is a great place to pick up a locally made llama …

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Machupicchu at dawn

Today we had a very early start – Managed to be in first 3 bus-loads of visitors to depart Aguas Callientes (also known as Machupicchu Pueblo) for the Machupicchu site. Machupicchu complex is believed to have been built during the reign of the Inca emperor Pachacuti (1438–1472). It was abandoned before the spanish conquest in …

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