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Rest Day in Cusco

Rest Day Today was a slow and restful day in Cusco. We slept in a bit and then wandered around in search of cool things to inflict on various people.

Qorikancha and Saksaywaman

Cusco Panorama

Today we explored the Qorikancha and Saqsayhuaman. Qorikancha was the main temple complex in the Cusco city. It was dedicated mostly to the sun god Inti. Pizarro and his men stripped the temple of its gold plating, and then as part of asseting thier rule, they destroyed the temples, burnt the scared mummies of the …

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Cusco – first day

Plaza des Armas, Cusco

First day in Cusco was spent acclimating to the altitude – 3400 m or 11,200 feet is not a joke. Today we wondered around, had a a lunch in the main plaza of the old city and then went back to the hotel to sleep off the 41 hour transit. Old city of Cusco is …

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