Qorikancha and Saksaywaman

Today we explored the Qorikancha and Saqsayhuaman.

Qorikancha was the main temple complex in the Cusco city. It was dedicated mostly to the sun god Inti. Pizarro and his men stripped the temple of its gold plating, and then as part of asseting thier rule, they destroyed the temples, burnt the scared mummies of the 14 Incas (Inca ==> king) and  the built a Dominican monastery on the site.

Saqsayhuaman was the military citadel perchech high  (about 350 – 400 meters higher elevation)  above Cusco. Unfortunately Conquistadores have used the stone form the constructions for the 14 churches in the Cusco city.

View of the Cusco city from up there is breathaking.

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