The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

This trip was some 3 or 4 years in the planning and arranging phase.

It takes that long to work out where you really want to go and how you will make it all happen.

As it happens the trip coincides with several auspicious and fortuitous events,

  • 2013 is the year of my 40th birthday, so its a fitting brithday celebration
  • My brother, Lukasz,  decided to get married, which have forced us to re-jig the plans an little and extend the trip by an extra continent.
  • There is a travel photography course and guided tour being run in Istanbul (more about that below)

The Plan

As things stand this is the current plan:

  • Fly CBR-SYD-SPI-ZUR-CDG (Paris).
  • Spend a few days in Paris.
  • Join the rive Paris to Vienna river cruise
    • Spend a few more days in Paris
    • Bus to Trier, get on the boat.
    • Rive Cruise along:
      • Moselle
      • Rhine
      • Main
      • Main-Danube Canal,
      • Danube
    • to Vienna
  • A few days in Vienna
  • Fly to Istanbul
    • Istanbul – Photography course and guided tour.
  • Fly to Santorini
    • Spend a few days resting
  • Fly to Geneva
    • Catch up with friends.
  • Tour France a little.
  • Fly to Montreal and drive to Ottawa for  the wedding.
  • Fly to San Francisco and look around for a few days
  • Fly home

More updates will be in the blog.



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