Paris – Day 3 – An expedition on foot

A foot expedition:

The route

Our route today was a loop around 6.5 Km in total.

Starting from the hotel we headed towards the Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower, the took a river cruise along the Sienne, then walked from Eiffel Tower along the river shore to Place de L’Alma, and along Avenue Geroge V to Champs-Elisees. From there we took a left turn and walked along Champs-Elisees toward Arc de Triomphe and then along Avenue De La Grande Armee back towards the hotel.


Art Deco Cafe

Towards Trocadero

The walk form our hotel towards Trocadero and Cite de L’Architecture took us through the quite parts of the 16 Arrt. The streets are lined with trees and these provide nice shade and good amount of green. And there is some very nice 19th century architecture along the path.

Cite de L’Architecture and Eiffel Tower

Cite de L’Architecture is an imposing complex of buildings across the Sienne form Champs-de-Mars and the Eiffel tower.

Sienne river cruise and more walking

A quick trip up and down the river, just to see the city from the river Seine.


Notre-Dame cathedral from the R. Seine

Camps-d’Elisee has a ‘special’ memory for us – “The grand tea disaster on Chmaps d’Elisee” –  but that is a story all in its own right, and we will link to that later.

Overall impressions

Paris is great. Many museums, many things to see and many places to visit. In all it needs about two weeks to experience and see a good portion of the city, monuments and museums

For those looking for “the authentic” historical sites, that the modern Paris is not the Paris of Louis XIII, Louis XIV, the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte. Modern Paris, with its wide avenues, and grand houses, is was created by Napoleon III, and Baron Haussmann, his chief architect, in the 1850’s



Eiffel Tower

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