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Transit Locations

Transit in Santiago

Stopover in Santiago de Chile, watining for flight to Lima. Of the small mercies of international flights:  lounge access.  

Peru: here we go.

Canberra Airport Terminal Concourse

Cloudy and rainy morning at the Canberra airport. The sun is just peeking over the hills, and lights up the clouds. Airport is, as is expected and usual for this time of the moring, busy. more updates form the other side of this series of flights.

Transit Day – Toronto to San Francisco

Flight from Toronto to San Francisco After a mere 6 hour flight on a Air Canada Airbus A319, and we are in San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and after a meander through the sprawling terminal, a shuttle train ride, and a drive, we are at out hotel in nearby San Mateo. Australian traveller tips: Pearson …

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Transit Day – Ottawa to Toronto

Driving from Ottawa to Toronto Route Our GPS was programmed with “avoid tolls”, and so it took from Ottawa towards Kingston, and then along the shore of the St Laurence river and Lake Ontario to Toronto. Traffic Traffic was quite light until we got to Kingston and stopped for a lunch and stretch the legs …

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Vierzon Vierzon is a medium sized city on the Cher river, about 80km or so south of Orelans. it is a major rail junction and at the first glance it does not look like there is much to see here. Especially not no a Sunday afternoon, when everything is closed. Wikipedia page for Vierzon has …

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Carcassonne to Limoges

The Plan We need to get from Carcassonne to Paris by evening of 6 October. Its a dive of about 800 km, but the road is littered with things we might wish to see, so we will do it in tow stages: Carcassonne to Limoges on te 5th, and Limoges to Paris on the 6th …

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Transit Day: Thira – Athens – Geneva – Gex

Transit Day Today, we will be in transit – flying from Thira to Geneva via Athens, and then driving to stay with some friends of ours in Gex. More details coming soon.

Second Stop-over

Second stopover – Zurich Airport (ZUR) This is a very short stopover – about 90 minutes in total.  Just abut the right amount of time to transit between terminals, clear customs and immigration controls, and get to the gate for the next flight. it is a very good thing that the Zurich airport is very …

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Second Hop (SIN to ZUR)

Second hop – SIN to ZUR After a short stop over in Singapore we have flown in to Zurich.  It is a long flight – SIN to ZUR is approx 13 hours. So far, my impression of the SWISS International Air Lines is very good, with the exception of slightly over-warm  cabin, they are very …

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First stop-over: Singapore

First Stop-over Our first stop over is in Singapore. Just a few hours between flights, so it not even worth leaving the airport… Good thing that we have access to the Kris Flyer Business Lounge. We will not bore you with details or photos of the airport… So far everything is going to plan.