Vierzon is a medium sized city on the Cher river, about 80km or so south of Orelans. it is a major rail junction and at the first glance it does not look like there is much to see here. Especially not no a Sunday afternoon, when everything is closed.

Wikipedia page for Vierzon has some useful data about history, and a map if you want it.

Hidden Gems of Vierzon

There are a few hidden gems in this city:

  • There are some old half-timbered houses
  • There is a 12 century church with someĀ  nice looking stained glass windows. The church was locked, and it appears to be part of a circuit parish, so we could not get in, but we could see the rich light inside through the gaps in the gates.
  • There are some lovely gardens down by the river, near where an abbey used to be;
  • There are remains of multiple fortifications and city walls. here are some photos for you

Here are some of the things we have found:

Maison des Vicaires aka "Maison Jeanne D'Arc"

Maison des Vicaires aka “Maison Jeanne D’Arc”

gates of Notre-Dame

gates of Notre-Dame

Eglise Notre-Dame de Vierzon

Eglise Notre-Dame de Vierzon

half-timbered house

half-timbered house by the river


Note: This place definitely requires a re-visit.

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