Carcassonne : The Cathar Country


The site of the current medieval city has been inhabited and fortified since at least 100BC or so. Since that time it was occupied by Romans, Visigoths, (most famously) the Cathars, and after a crusade,  since 1247 – the kings of France.

Unfortunately it was raining so we are unable to give you pretty pictures of La Cite. Here is what we have

Some sights of Carcassonne

porte demnarbonne carcassonne

Potre de Narbonne – la Cite – Carcassonne

St Nazaire Basilica

St Nazaire Basilica looming in the mists

st. nazaire stained glass

St Nazaire Basilica – Stained Glass Window


Gargoyle of St Nazaire


And last but no least (with apologies for the cropping and distortions) the main gates of the Chateau Comtal:



Gates of Chateau Comtal in Carcassonne


Revisit: Required.

This place and the surrounding Cathar country definitely need a return visit.