Paris – Day 5 – Expedition by metro and on foot

Sunny again. This means we made another walking tour of Paris:


West Rose Window, Notre-Dame de Paris

A quick trip by metro to Hotel de Ville and then a nice tour of Ille-de-Cite, including the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, and a visit to the Latin quarter on the left bank of the Siene.

We has some lunch in Latin Quarter. It was much cheaper than the cafes and restaurants around the hotel and closer to city centre, and as a bonus, the guys on the left bank appear to be able to manage a good up of tea. Must be the Sorbonne education showing …

After lunch we walked over to the Pantheon. It is an impressive edifice, but I was very disappointed, because the Foucault Pendulum (which is an experiment that I used to illustrate the rotation of the earth) is down for renovation works and will not be back up for a little while (3 years).

Take a stroll from the Pantheon to the Luxembourg Palace (which used to be the residence of Marie de Medicis, mother of king Luis XIII, and now the seat of the French Senate) and the surrounding gardens.


Luxembourg Palace

On the way back we made a loop around the Louvre. Then we took a quick trip on the Metro back to the hotel and a crash out.

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