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River Cruise – Beer tasting in Bamberg


Today we visited Bamberg, a lovely little city on the Main river.


Bamberg – Streets


Today was the day of beer and sausages, a visit to the Kolsterbau, one of the oldest (set up in 1533) brew houses in Bamberg. The speciality of the Bamberg master brewers is the so called “smoked beer” aka Rauchbier, which is made by inclusion of malt that is dried and partly caramelised over the open flame in the brewing process. This very dark beer is best consumed when served with a white sausage and sauerkraut.

In all the lovely people at the brewery have given us 3 beers to taste:

In all, it was a very interesting afternoon. I am not a beer drinker so the finer subtleties of German beers are lost on me.


Klosterbrau Weizen


Klosterbrau Rauchbier


River Cruise – Wurzburg

Wurzburg on Main welcomed us with cloudy skies and a cold wind.

Unfortunately I do not have any good photos of the main attraction for the day, the Residenz Palace, because of the mass of cars parked in the front, and the fact that there was no photography permitted inside.

However as a consolation prize I offer you the panorama of the Festung Marienberg, as seen from the old city side of the Main.


Festung Marienberg - wurtzburg

Festung Marienberg in Wurtzburg