Chateau de Chillion on Lake Geneva


Weather has been threatening to close in for a few days now. It rained the day before and today looked like it might do it again. Despite that we asked out hosts to show us around, and they suggested that we go for a drive along the northern shore of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), from Gex to Montreux, with a stop for a nice lunch and a visit Chateau de Chillion.

Ouchy (Ouchy-Lousanne)

After a good breakfast we set off on our excursion. After a bit of a drive and we stopped in Ouchy,  a former fishing village and sicne mid 1800’s a suburb of Lausanne, and a port on the lake. One of the hotels on the lake front has a claim to fame: Lord Byron lived there for a time in summer of 1816.

We explored the foreshore a bit, and then had lunch, while we watched a  Lake Geneva paddle steamer set off on its rounds.


Paddle Steamer

Along the lake

We stopped at a few lookout points along the lakeside road, which parallels the lake and the railway line. Some of the views were spectacular:


Lake Geneva -Lac Leman


Lake Geneva -Lac Leman

Chateau De Chillion

Built on a rocky outcrop in the lake this castle was first mentioned in the chronicles between 1005 and 1160. From the mid 13th century, the castle was for a time the home of the Counts of Savoy and was extensively expanded in those days. The form of the catsle as it is today is from that period. We ave many photos of the details, but the time and the geography of the area did not permit us to wander around and take many decent outside shots…


Chateau de Chillion

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