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Hanoi old city

Today we wondered around the old quarter of Hanoi. The trip included a visit to the Ngoc Son temple, located on an island on the Hoan Kiem lake (Lake of the Returned Sword). We also met the true guardian of the scared site. The beast was hard at work …

Later today we fly to Siem Reap in Cambodia.


Tay Ho – Hanoi

A quick visit to the Tay Ho district (again), this time more of look and see at the life in the streets… This area of Hanoi is quite exclusive and full of rather nice houses.  A lot of westerners who work in Hanoi choose this as their home area.




Hoa Lu and Tam Coc

To day we did a day trip to Hoa Lu and Tam Coc.

Hoa Lu is the old imperial capital of Vietnam dating back to 9th and 10th century, and features 17th century temples to a couple of the first kinds of Vietnam.

Lotus at Đinh Tien Hoang Temple

Lotus at Đinh Tien Hoang Temple

Tam Coc is a remarkable location with water cutting through the limestone hills called karsts, to produce a series of gorges and  caves.

Karsts at Tam Coc

Karsts at Tam Coccalled





Hanoi Day 2

having done very little on 25th we wondered around the Tay Ho (West lake) district of Hanoi.  One of the highlights here is the Ty Ho Temple, dedicated to the Mother Goddess…


Ha Noi

We have arrived in Hanoi. It is very late and we are very tired.  Its been over 24 hours since we got out the door in Canberra, and the delays of flights between Bangkok and Hanoi just made things feel longer and more tiring.

Tomorrow we will sleep in and explore the area around our hotel.