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Santa Cruz

We arrived in Santa Cruz, on the north end of the Monteray Bay in late afternoon. We wondered around a bit, shopped a bit, and took in the very California come “West Coast” feel of the place. Downtown Santa Cruz is a mixture of buildings of differing styles and ages, some  ugly and utilitarian and some, like the Palomar Inn on the Pacific Avenue, a mix of quirky  and grandiose designs.

One the whole this has been a very pleasant day.


Pigeon Point Lighthouse

After a nice lunch at Pescadero, we continued south along the coast, until we reached the our second stop – the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.   Alas the pacific fog was still with us.


Pacific Coast Drive

Today we decided to have a slow start and then do a drive from San Mateo to Santa Cruz, along the Pacific Ocean.

As soon as we crested the ridge between SF bay are and the Pacific coast, we drove into the bank of ocean fog, which provided a rather ghostly atmosphere for the drive. Our fist stop along the way as in Pescadero, where apart form very good coffee and very staty lunch we also had a look at the marshlands, which had a lot of autumn colours showing, even in the muted, fog filtered light.