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Wat Nokor Bachay

Wat Nokor Bachay

Wat Nokor Bachay

Wat Nokor (Wat Nokor Bachay) in Kampong Cham is a relatively small temple complex, built in the Angkor-Khmer style.

According to a legend, the temple was built by a king who accidentally killed his father and married his mother. As recounted in the Greek legend, this King was put out by his father after a seer told him that his son would kill him. The son, however, did not die and returned to his kingdom not knowing that his father was the King. After quareling on the road, the son killed the King and married his Queen who was his mother. Upon discovering his crime, this young man built Wat Nokor in penance for his crime.


Bayon Temple

Morning visit to the Bayon Temple in the Angkor Thom complex.

The temple was built in the late 12th or early 13th century as the official state temple of the Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman VII. Its most striking feature are the 216 gigantic faces of Lokesvara (or as some claim, the king himself).




Dawn Over Angkor complex

The morning of the New years day 2015 found us watching the pink and purple sunrise from Phnom Bakheng, a temple on a hill overlooking the Angkor Wat complex.

On the whole this has been a very good day. On this day we:

  • Watched the sun rise over the Angkor Wat archeological park
  • Rode on on elephant at Angkor Thom.
  • Visited several other ancient temples
  • Watched an Apsara dance performance.
  • Received some sad news, which will take quite a bit to process




Angkor Wat Complex

Today we visited the Angkor Wat temple complex. We spent several hours wandering around the temple grounds, taking in the sights and taking pictures.

It deserves a post all of its own, and that will come soon.

Here is the view of the outer walls of the main temple site.